Proposal Solicitation Template


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Science Program Proposal Template and Guidelines

The goal of the SFCWA Science Program is to “Research, and publish findings on Delta ecosystem stressors toward developing management actions that further California’s goals of a restored Delta Ecosystem and water supply reliability.”  These guidelines and template should be used for all proposals to ensure that the Science Program steering committee has the necessary information to evaluate potential projects.  Each bolded element should be addressed succinctly.  The blue italicized questions correspond to the qualitative criteria that form the basis for project evaluation.   They should guide the preparation of the narrative for each of the requested elements.

Proposals will be evaluated three times a year: March 1, June 15, October 1.

Please submit proposals to the science manager Larua Valoppi via email.

Project Summary (narrative and task table):


Task Product / Deliverable Due Date Task Budget
Quarterly Reports Completed SFCWA template quarterly
Project Briefing Power Point presentation
Project Factsheet
Final manuscript
Project Data Data submitted to TBD
Budget Totals NA NA Total Budget
Estimated Cost:
Principal Investigator and Affiliation:
Proposed Project start date and end date:
Relevance to SFCWA:
Project Manager:

There is no page limit to proposals, but the typical range is three to five pages.