CAMT Phase 2- Meeting Materials

Meeting 27- January 20, 2014 CAMT Meeting #27 Agenda Progress Report Version 1_3 150114 Final Draft Salmon Questions 1-13-2015 Goodwin_Transmittal Letter_ CAMT Entrainment Proposal IRP Report on CAMT Delta Smelt Entrainment Proposed Investigations CAMT 2014  Meeting 26, December 16, 2014 CAMT Meeting #26 Agenda CAMT Calendar 2014-15 v2_1 Meeting 25- Meeting 24- October 21, 2014: .. read more


About CAMT

The Collaborative Adaptive Management Team (CAMT) will work, with a sense of urgency, to develop a robust science and adaptive management program that will inform both the implementation of the current Biological Opinions, including interim* operations; and the development of revised Biological Opinions. *The term “interim” refers to the period during which revised Biological Opinions are being .. read more