CAMT Phase 2- Meeting Materials

Meeting 27- January 20, 2014 CAMT Meeting #28 Agenda Memo to CAMT Scenarios evaluated in CVCLCM feb 2015 Meeting 27- January 20, 2014 CAMT Meeting #27 Agenda Progress Report Version 1_3 150114 Final Draft Salmon Questions 1-13-2015 Goodwin_Transmittal Letter_ CAMT Entrainment Proposal IRP Report on CAMT Delta Smelt Entrainment Proposed Investigations CAMT 2014  Meeting 26, .. read more


About CAMT

The Collaborative Adaptive Management Team (CAMT) will work, with a sense of urgency, to develop a robust science and adaptive management program that will inform both the implementation of the current Biological Opinions, including interim* operations; and the development of revised Biological Opinions. *The term “interim” refers to the period during which revised Biological Opinions are being .. read more